When your ‘nudes’ get published on the Internet

When your ‘nudes’ get published on the Internet

Before anyone inevitably judges me harshly based on the title of the post, I would like to say I have not had self-taken “nudes” of me posted on the internet a la Jennifer Lawrence (who is just one of hundreds who have been hacked. I assume everyone is talking about her, though, because there’s so many & they’re so god damn good). I have, however, had someone take pictures of me in the shower…

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Sometimes I wonder if I have well & truly lost my mind. Whether I had it together in the first place is debatable, but seriously. Whenever I buy something pretty I have this sick, self-obsessed routine;
I will get home. Put my bags down. Take my shoes off. Pretty normal shit, right? Then, the FIRST thing I do, is grab the objects of my misspent money & I traipse around the house trying to find THE

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Tsuki is the artisanal love child of a science nerd & minimalist fetishist. These candles are both bad ass, but delicate & I absolutely adored shooting these baby beauties on my camera which I hadn’t picked up in forever. I didn’t have to do much work to get good shots, as they did it for me. Effortlessly cool, the stand out for me was the packaging. Tsuki haveperfected minimal chic; the black…

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“Ouvrir Venus” by Yiqing Yin - FW11

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